Avoid Buying A Fake Designer Handbag

There are so many online consignment stores and 3rd party platforms where luxury designer handbag lovers can find the perfect little beauty to take home. Along with that, are so many questions and fears around purchasing luxury pre owned designer handbags. Below are some tips to help you protect yourself when luxury shopping or thrift shopping online.

Avoid buying a fake designer bag

Pay with a credit card

In general, I always pay with a credit card just for basic security. With the frequency of data breaches and identity theft it is so easy for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands. I'd 100% rather someone have my credit card number instead of my bank card information. In addition to general security measures, your credit card company may offer additional protections against defective items, extending product warranty, etc. If you end up buying a designer bag that ends up being fake, you can open a case with your credit card company and hold payment for that purchase until the case has been resolved.

Research the item

This tip takes time, practice and patience and you will not be an "expert" overnight unless you already have extensive knowledge for a specific designer prior to purchasing. However, over time you will get there. I have a few posts and videos on this topic. Don't worry about being expert you just need to make sure you take your time and do your due diligence. Familiarizing yourself with the fashion house, and more specifically, the luxury pre owned designer handbag you're looking for will may it easier to weed out suspicious listings. Use the internet to pull references together such as blog posts, videos and even private groups. Many bloggers post new product reviews in addition to covering items they have in their personal collection. Use detailed photos and product specifications as sources to research the handbag style. Many fashion houses include the month and year a handbag was made in the serial number. You can use that information determine if the handbag was actually released during the timeframe the serial number suggests. Also, you can use it to verify if the handbag was no longer in production. If the serial number is dated earlier or later than when a handbag was produced you'll know off bat the bag is not authentic. You can also use blog posts and private chat groups to review intricate details of the handbag. You can learn a lot by checking out private FB and handbag chat rooms that allow members to authenticate your item. Reviewing previous posts you can see common mistakes counterfeiters make and learn red flags to look out for.

Pay for authentication services

I cannot say this enough. I think 80% of my pre owned tips and tricks related posts or videos mention this. I cannot stress this enough. Especially, when you're not very familiar and are early in your journey. You want to make sure that you have your luxury pre owned designer bag is real. When you're saving for a high end item you should always budget extra money to have peace of mind! I don't care who you purchased from, even if it is from my store. Always get it reviewed by a 3rd party. With some companies you can send them the link to the listing prior to purchasing. That would be the best route, if possible, since you'd only have to spend a fraction of the cost to have it authenticated prior.


Compare the listing to the bag

You don't expect nor hope for an issue but you have to be prepared. With pre owned designer handbags there are going to be signs of wear, most of the time. Take a screen shot of the description and save the link to the product. Then, you can compare the description and photos to the listing. Sometimes there could be a mark, hole or another issue that could have been overlooked. The description as well as the pictures are your evidence for the condition of the product you purchased. In summary, keeping records of your purchase will help you in two ways. I've purchased from a local well known consignment store and noticed my handbag had a small hole that wasn't disclosed in the listing. Once I notified the company, they allowed me to return my designer leather handbag even though they didn't allow returns. They also allowed me to send it back for a refund when there was a  general  final sale policy. All reputable online consignment stores that have good customer service will allow you to return your item or discount it if there was a mistake made on their part.
  1. Verify the luxury pre owned designer bag is in the condition you expect
  2. Verify the preowned designer bag is the item you purchase

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