Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Designer Bags: What To Do When Your Bag Arrives

If this is your first time purchasing a pre-owned authentic designer bag, congratulations! I am sure it was nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. I remember my first luxury pre owned designer handbag purchase and the thrill involved with the entire journey. I say it all the time but it is like a treasure hunt. When you find that perfect gem you have to get it. Why? Because no two items are alike and if you hesitate someone else will snap it up. Time is of the essence when you hit "purchase" for your luxury pre owned designer handbag. The clock starts ticking right away. I've been discussing all things before you actually purchase an item (more videos if you're interested). Now is time to discuss those essential steps once you've paid for the little luxury beauty. Continue reading if you want to learn more.

How to Buy Luxury Pre-owned Designer Bag: Steps After Your Bag Arrives

Compare It To The Description

As soon as you possibly can you want to reference your listing and compare it to the item. The reason for this is to ensure you received the correct bag and the condition is the same as described. Unless you're purchasing an item in excellent condition, you're going to have signs of wear. You just need to make sure the signs of wear are the ones you expect to see. Sometimes extra stains and other signs of wear are overlooked. Just make sure you got what you expected to get!

Authenticate As Soon As Possible

Time is of the essence. As soon as you've inspected the handbag, you want to start taking detailed and up close photos of your bag. Before I purchase and item I make sure to have an authentication service lined up so I don't have to worry about wasting time finding one. Some authentication companies only authenticate specific designers. Other companies only provide in person authentication services for certain brands. There are so many differences between companies, therefore you want to make sure you've completed your research prior to your purchase. At the latest, while your luxury bag is on the way. If there is an issue with the designer leather handbag, you want to identify it as soon as possible. I've heard of stories where people don't find out their bag is not real until they decide to sell it. Most people keep their handbags for several months to years. After your grace period has passed it is too late. Even if you never plan on selling your bag it is always a good idea to authenticate it. You've spent your hard owned money and you need to make sure it is REAL!

Test functionality zippers, locks, etc.

The same as you would if you were making any other big purchase you want to make sure everything you expect to function to work. Open and close your bag, test the closures and zippers, attach and remove the straps. Pretty much do everything you can to ensure your luxury pre-owned designer handbag is working properly. I've even tested taking off removable straps.


Try It Out To Make Sure It Works For You

Try it on and test it out. These bags cost a pretty penny and you want to make sure that the way you envision using it will work for you. I remember purchasing a second hand Fendi Kan I and had watched so many videos prior to purchasing it. I wanted to be able to change out the bag strap and had found a video that mentioned the straps could be removed. Once it arrived, I tried it out and couldn't figure out how to remove the straps. That along with the dented structure was a deal breaker for me. If your luxury handbag doesn't support the reasons you purchased it and it doesn't fit your lifestyle, you likely won't use it. Don't forget to throw in all the stuff you plan on carrying to make sure it'll actually fit what you need. I am on the team "must fit my phone" and have to be able to easily get to the items I am looking for. If I have to shuffle things around just to get to something, I will send the bag back. That's because I know what works for me and what I want.  I even go as far as walking around the house with my bag and just to make sure I'm able to open/close it without an issue. Also, I like to make sure the strap is not an issue for me as well. You get a feel for what features work for you once you've been using different styles for a little while. I know it is so hard to not keep something that you've been lusting over for a long time. However, if you know it won't work for you or you have a significant amount of hesitation it is best to send it back.

Prepare Your Luxury Pre Owned Bag For Storage

After you've used your bag for a while there will be a point where you will end putting your bag up for a rest. I've said this before, but you spent a decent amount of money so you need to make sure you take care of it. One of the easiest ways to increase signs of wear is to store it improperly. Ideally, you want to store in a dust bag. Also, you want to make sure your handbag is stuffed. Using air paper or packing paper to stuff your handbag is a great way to keep the shape. If your bag has a chain strap you want to be cognizant of how and where you lay your strap. Improper storage of straps can leave dents on your handbag. No one wants to discover random marks.

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