How to Find Designer Bags Cheaper than Retail

How to pay less for luxury and get discount designer bags

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s the designer jean craze grabbed my attention. As the prices for designer jeans went higher the rise in the back went lower. I've had this inside joke with myself……every year I get worse. And what I mean by that is when my fascination starts over time I will seek out more. Eventually, this idea of "more" becomes more expensive. Hopefully, I'm not out there by myself and other people can relate. A relatable example to argue my statement is think of someone you know that loves cooking, it is safe to say they'll venture into finding more expensive ingredients or cookware to use as their passion grows.


Now moving on to what you came here for :) 


Wait until it goes on  sale at a retailer

There are so many companies available online. Hint: You may have to venture out of your normal online network of stores you're familiar with. Sign up for emails and use services to search such as the Shoptagr app or Some sites hold private sales for customers on their email list prior to releasing the sale to the public. If you're not signed up to receive emails you could miss out. Usually, the hot ticket items sell out during private sales or first few hours of the public sale. Now I'm not saying sign up for each and every online retailer (unless you just love being bombarded by emails). However, I am saying figure out the ones that you can benefit from and sign up. The strategy I use is I will search through Google, Shopstyle or something similar and find the sites where the item I am after is available. Then, I'll set up sale alerts and/or sign up for their email list to be notified. 

Use rewards points from retailers

Many retailers such as Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom have perks for loyal customers. You can use these rewards to receive deeper discounts or discounts on luxury goods that never go on sale. It is pretty simple, just sign up and shop frequently. Your points will accumulate over time and can be used to apply to that big ticket item you've been wanting all year. Recently, I saved $100 on a pair of shoes that cost $185 by applying multiple layers of discounts. The item was on sale, I received rewards points for the purchase and applied a reward certificate towards my purchase. I'll throw in a picture below just to give you something sparkly to look at :)


Badgley Mischka Crystal Shoes


Use rewards/offers from credit cards, shopping services, banks, etc.

To add a second layer to the rewards topic I am going to throw in using credit card and banking perks to offset prices. Some credit card companies give cash back offers on normal purchases and partner with retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue for a percentage in cash back. I had known all along about the cash rewards with my credit card company, but recently started paying attention to their 3rd party partnerships. This is another way to compile everything I've mentioned to contribute towards a large purchase. You're pretty much layering discounts to decrease your financial investment. Every credit card company will be different. With mine I am able to purchase from stores like Saks and Neiman's to get a cash back amount from 5 - 8%. Check out your credit card company to see what they offer!

Buy preowned

Purchasing secondhand has been one of my main sources for purchasing vintage designer bags. I particularly prefer the preowned route, because you can find handbags at a discount and locate items that are no longer available. Reach out to me for preowned personal shopping services if you need assistance locating a designer bag. That way you do have to spend your valuable time looking.


Purchase outside your normal network i.e. Men's or children's department
Many times designers create the same item for both genders. Usually, products marketed to men are cheaper. I know it is not fair but use tools at your disposal to save!


Shop the outlet
I start with items that came from the boutique and then work my way around the store to items made specifically for the outlet. Now most of the time I avoid items made for the outlet because I feel they aren't made with the same quality as items in the boutique. However, I have found some items to represent "boutique" quality that I am willing to try.