Myths: Luxury Pre Owned Designer Handbags

I can remember when I was in high school it wasn't considered trendy or popular to shop at the thrift store. Fast forward to now, we have so many thrifting online sites, YouTube channels about thrifting, and more! There are so many reasons to purchase preowned and I won't get into those during this post. However, I'm going to focus on some of the fears/myths you may have to help ease concerns still surrounding purchasing luxury preowned designer handbags. As always if you need any personal shopping services or guidance we can help you with that!


Too Many Fake Luxury Bags

This fear is valid because fake handbags, shoes, clothing, electronics and everything else in between have gotten better over the years. Especially, with the popularity of the luxury handbag market imitation bags have gotten so good some companies, offering authentication services, aren't willing to authenticate certain bags via photo authentication. Some of those companies require the handbag to be sent for in-person authentication. It is really scary how close some replicators have gotten. I blame the advancement of technology, because it has allowed people to manufacture almost identical handbags. Even with the risk of super fakes there are ways you can protect yourself and reduce your risk. However, it takes time and research. If you're interested in learning more check out this blog.

Too worn or used

I think this myth is generally based on lack of awareness of the luxury consignment world. The reason I say this because you can easily google search a brand name (and style if you know it) and see all types of versions of the same bag in varying condition. Now don't get me wrong, there are some ratted and tatted bags out there, but I've seen a decent amount that have a lot of life left in them. Especially, considering the popularity of reselling. If you're not familiar with that term I'm referring to people and companies that purchase highly desirable, hard to find luxury handbags and up sell them for a profit. Those bags are in brand new condition. Rest assured you will be able to find luxury pre owned designer handbags in varying conditions and not all of them have an extremely worn appearance. If you're willing to live with a few love marks you can find an abundance of options. Contact us for more information if you need assistance locating your dream bag.


Can't fix it if it breaks

You ABSOLUTELY can fix your luxury pre owned designer bag. Luxury fashion houses have a reputation to up hold. Think about your designer bag as advertisement. If your bag is falling apart or you can't carry it because it is broken all the time, it doesn't benefit the fashion house. Some people will use the luxury after care services as a form of authentication in addition to fixing their designer leather bag.  If you don't have the option to have your luxury preloved bag repaired by the fashion house you can pay a 3rd party aftercare service. You may have to pay for the fashion house to fix it but as long as it fits within their repair policy they'll fix it for you. I've had my Ferragamo Margot bag repaired by the fashion house craftsman and I wasn't the original owner of the bag.


Can't find affordable options

Affordable will mean different things to different people but for the purpose of this subject we'll mark our line in the sand at less than $1000. If you've been window shopping with one of the larger, well known online consignment stores, you'll notice that most luxury pre owned designer handbags are at least $1000. Previously, I mentioned being able to find luxury bags in good to new condition. However, this is where you have the opportunity to be more flexible with the condition (as well as your creativity) and find great deals. Typically, condition will get worse as the price drops. In general, you'll find this happening with to extremely popular brands and styles. However, you can use the worn condition to unleash your creative side and use it as an art project, pay an artist to enhance it with a custom design, restore it, etc. If you decide to venture off the well beaten luxury path, you can find styles and brands the masses aren't looking for and get a great deal. All while not having to compromise on condition. Just keep in mind, if you're one of those people looking for a Chanel Classic Flap at a price less than $3,000,  you'll need to look for leather bags that aren't in as great of condition to save money. Rest assured you can look into having it repaired to improve the condition. After all, you did save extra money.

Taboo to purchased preowned

I don't think this is as big of an issue or looked down up like it was years ago. After all, thrifting is the new black……lol. I'm a fan of YouTube and have heard several luxury YouTubers mention receiving negative comments for purchasing luxury pre owned designer handbags. There are many reasons purchase preowned and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Frankly, it is none of their business and there's no need to justify how you purchased your designer leather bags. No one knows you purchased an item secondhand unless you tell them. All the naysayers can MIND THEIR BUSINESS! No one can tell you what to do with your money. Especially, when they aren't paying your bills. I love shopping pre owned and it has made many luxury designer bags more accessible to many people. Why not give it a second life? There's so much work that goes into these luxury designer bags that it is a shame if they aren't used to their full potential.

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