Styling Tips for Your Secondhand/Vintage Accessory for the Holiday Season

Bold Statement Jewlery Swarovski Earrings and Ann Taylor Loft Gold Detail Necklace


Now that we're into the holiday season many people will have some sort of event to attend. Even if it is a virtual event, you can still find ways to incorporate your new vintage and/or second hand accessory into your outfit. The one thing you don't want to do is have your outfit compete with your "new to you" accessory. The easiest way to do that is to tone down parts of your outfit in order to highlight the pièce de résistance! Now don't worry once you get more comfortable with your new accessory and have a few key looks paired you can start to switch and swap pieces to create different looks.


 Find neutrals to highlight your accessory

Jewelry: Find something that will draw attention to your face, neckline or wrists in order to naturally drive attention to that area.

You can use your vintage or thrifted designer jewelry to highlight your face and neckline. Depending on how colorful your accessory is you can tone down or play with more color in your outfit. For example, if your secondhand or vintage jewelry style is a bold statement necklace you can wear a lower neckline to allow your necklace to fill in the space above your chest or if your neckline is higher wearing your statement earrings will drive more attention to it and your face.

 Review this link for statement accessory suggestions.


Pom Pom Tassel Statement Earrings with Pink Ruffle Neck Top



Handbags, shoes and belts with a unique pattern or pop of color: Use neutral tones to draw more attention to your bright accessory

Using neutral tones will allow the accessory to naturally stand out as someone gazes at you. Neutrals are generally complimentary to many colors and provide a basic landscape…kind of like a blank canvas. What are neutral colors?  Think of colors such as black, navy, brown, grey and white.


Not sure where do you start? Think about what you already have in your closet, as a starting point, and build up from there. In the image below I started with a black lace dress and decided to allow my handbag to be the star of the show.


Using a simple neutral slate, I am allowing my accessory to be the finishing touch to pull my outfit together. Check for handbag suggestions.
Tory Burch Leather Bright Yellow Clutch Crossbody with Black Lace Dress


Another example below displays the use of two accessories to compliment my outfit. You'll notice the Coach Dinkey Rose wristlet is made of a neutral color with pops of color throughout. Adding the bright pink Donald J Pliner shoe to the outfit as another pop of color to tie it all together. Again, I'd pair this with neutrals as I don't think it is necessary to match any other parts of my outfit to the bright fuchsia tone. I'm a dress girl so I'd wear it in heather grey, black or Navy. You could also go for cream here too. Although, I feel like creams and whites with bright feminine colors is not really my style.


 Adding pops of color to a neutral palate helps pull together a polished look for your outfit.
Coach Dinkey Leather Floral Wristlet with Pink Leather Strap Heel Donald J. Pliner

Notice in the photo below I'm sticking with black, but using texture and pattern to enrich my outfit. The pumps are suede giving off a nice holiday touch. The top black lace top with a black rope detail adds more texture against the suede pumps. Now the focus is on the printed sparkly beaded paisley pattern evening bag.


Although it is a dark color the beads will appear iridescent under lights.
Paisley Print Beaded Evening Clutch with Suede Ferragamo Pointed Toe Pumps


Virtual events: You want to focus on the chest up. You can use jewelry,  detailed neckline, and/or bright colors to draw attention to your face. The good thing is that you don't worry have to about your outfit head to toe so you can spend more time focusing on one area. The same tips for jewelry still apply. And using neutrals as a base, then using your vintage secondhand designer accessory to do the rest. In the images below you'll see two examples using the same bright top with a different pair of statement earrings.


Sparkly Dangle Gold Earrings with Ruffle Top


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