Why Vintage Designer Bags Are Better

Why Vintage Designer Bags Are Better

 Vintage Leather Luxury Bag

Fashion is cyclical and always has a reference to the past. High-end fashion houses will pull inspiration from their archives and refresh previous designs just enough to appear more relevant to the time. Recently, we've seen Gucci rerelease the Jacki hobo, Bottega Veneta refresh of their famous Intrecciato leather hobo and Christian Dior saddle bag.  Even with the refresh of the vintage designs there's something about the original vintage version that stands out. Let's talk about why vintage designer bags are better.



Value for money is a common topic for many luxury bag lovers. When I am spending significant amounts of money I really want to make sure my  designer leather bag (because I prefer leather above any other fabric :)) hits all the marks. Quality is at the top of that list. Even if you're not spending a significant amount you still want to have a quality item. That's one of the standout reasons many people flock to vintage. Before mass production and globalization, companies were able to invest more effort into manufacturing. Another factor that vintage bags benefited from is higher quality materials. For many reasons materials used decades ago were made to last as I've noticed thicker cuts of leather, substantial hardware and consistent craftsmanship along my journey while sourcing for my store. Things were made to last regardless of price. One of my favorite vintage leather bag lines is from Dooney and Bourke. Their all-weather leather handbags from the 80s and early 90s are my favorite and exude quality. If you've never seen these vintage leather bags in person you are truly missing out. They were made with 100% solid brass hardware and thick supple high quality leather. Vintage Coach handbags are also well known for their suppleness and thickness. Just to name a couple of examples where you'll find differences in quality compared to more recent handbags. You can only buy Vintage designer bags  second hand since they're no longer in production and you can feel quality in every detail from A to Z. Any time you can find a handbag from decades ago and still have hardware in usable condition, thick fabric, high end finishing details, stitching in place, etc. you know you've found a quality item. I've passed up many of these vintage bags because they weren't in saleable condition, however you can see the condition of materials that makeup the leather bag still has life left. Proving that quality vintage luxury bags can stand the test of time.



Another reason vintage bags are better is that each and every one is unique. And if you're thinking wait, vintage designer bags aren't custom, how can they be unique? They're unique because they're second hand. Once they leave the store they'll have their own life cycle. This life cycle can range from a never used, well taken care of bag to a luxury bag needing a complete overhaul. I always tell my friends and customers you can have 10 of the same style designer handbag and each one is unique because of the condition. Condition is impacted by how items are used, stored and maintained. If you didn't know, condition is one of the most important dictators for resale value.



Vintage luxury bags have a story behind them. At a personal level, the secondhand bag you've scored had a previous owner. There's a reason that person bought it and likely has an interesting story behind it. Decades ago, fashion houses weren't as driven to create the next IT bag and vintage handbags were created to serve a purpose. I've mentioned this brand earlier, but Dooney and Bourke's all-weather leather handbag line has a purpose besides aesthetics. This line was developed in the 80s and the intent was to create accessories that women didn't have to worry about using in various weather situations. This line is one of their most famous and the duck logo was born out of the symbolism it represented in relation to the water resistant cow hide leather process.


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