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Our story………

We’re a company that has a life-long obsession and passion for designer accessories. In addition to that we love obtaining high quality authentic designer handbags, shoes, SLGs and reintroduce them to the market at a discount. We are your go to online site for discount authentic designer handbags and other fashion accessories. We're a small company with but we can provide you with the best selection of unique designer bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

The secondhand/used/vintage market provides a second chance to obtain designer accessories (AKA designer thrifting) you have been searching for. In turn, consigning with DAA also allows the original owner to exchange their once loved accessories into CASH. Our goal is to provide accessible luxury for the everyday professional man and woman. We are the best place to find mid-range designer accessories such as Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Tory Burch and much more! Remember designer thrifting is a thing and you've come to right place.


What we stand for

DAA guarantees authenticity! We respect the hard work and innovation fashion houses invest into creating wearable artwork. Therefore, we have no tolerance for imitations. If your accessory is confirmed to be a replica you get your money back!


What should you expect from us?

  • A unique range of contemporary to luxury brands that are sure to be on your list. We offer brands like Coach, Michel Kors, Tory Burch all the way to the highly coveted holy grail fashion houses Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes
  • Exceptional service. You don’t have to pay boutique prices to get boutique services. Our staff are responsive and knowledgeable. All accessories will be carefully inspected and accurately described. You will find detailed pictures and accurate descriptions. We also offer virtual try on services. Contact us at info@daaconsignment.com for more information. 
  • We are not partnered, endorsed or affiliated with any fashion house. All items are authenticated prior to selling. All brands we sell are a registered trademark of that company.


Why consign with DAA?

Join us in our efforts to provide discount authentic designer accessories through a sensible business model. We do the work for you by providing the mail-in labels for free shipping to our warehouse, taking the photograph, marketing your item, authentication, researching and selling it for you.

The customer gets an item they love and you get the cash. Everybody wins.

A new owner is waiting to adopt an accessory you aren’t using. Allow us to put a smile on a fellow accessory lover’s face and yours 😊

Authenticity is guaranteed.

Quick and easy payments are made to you through Venmo or a check. More details can be found here FAQ


Thank you for considering our company!

Endia Henry-Owner