Frequently Asked Questions

My first time purchasing a luxury pre owned designer handbag or vintage designer bag, what should I buy?

This is a very good question as you’ve saved your hard-earned money and don’t want to waste it 😊. No one can tell you what’s the best decision for you, but I’ll do my best to break it down into two categories (toe in first and all in approach) to help you decide.

Toe-in is what we’ll categorize as purchasing a small leather good (SLG) like a card holder, wallet or make up pouch. Depending on your budget and fashion house this “investment” can range from a couple hundred dollars to over 1K. In general, testing out a “less expensive” item will allow you to try out a lux designer accessory from the fashion house before investing several hundreds to thousands of your money. Keep in mind just because you like or dislike an SLG it doesn’t guarantee your feelings towards a more expensive item. However, a poorly manufactured SLG will give you an idea of how well a more expensive item will hold up. Purchasing a less expensive item first may take funds away from your ultimate goal product from a luxury brand so you’ll have to make up the money you’ve spent.

All-in approach is what we’ll categorize as purchasing a more expensive item like handbags, shoes or clothing. Typically, these items are more expensive than SLGs but this is just a generalization not a hard-fast rule. With this approach you’re pretty much going after your goal luxury good rather than purchasing a “safer” item to test out. This option works for people who are ready to go after their goal item and feel comfortable going all-in rather than purchasing a “lesser expensive” item first.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what is best for you. Hopefully the information provided will help guide you to a decision that’s right for you.

How can I find designer bags for less?

You have 2 options…

  • Purchase on sale through retail outlet or boutique
  • Purchase from secondhand/pre-owned/vintage market
    1. Check our blog for more tips purchasing preloved

Are luxury brands worth it?

Luxury and vintage accessories are still popular for a reason. Many do offer exceptional craftsmanship, superior quality and materials. They also stand behind their product. Many luxury fashion houses will offer a year warranty or longer to service your item. With mass production expanding you can expect ongoing quality/questions and issues regardless of designer since no one is perfect. Two important points is standing behind their product and what is valuable to you. There are plenty of contemporary and new emerging brands that make good quality products. What’s important is your budget and what you want out of your product.

Best time to purchase designer purses on sale?

If you’re looking to purchase secondhand, any time is a good time to purchase. Purchasing from the second hand/pre owned market is variable and many times there’s only one style available. Even if a company has more than one the same accessory it is still considered one-of-a-kind, since each item will have different levels of wear and original packaging that comes with the item. When you see it, go ahead and purchase. They’ll be another, but you never know how long you’ll have to wait nor will you know what condition it will be in.

Which contemporary or luxury items should I invest in?

No one can tell you what you should purchase but here are a few things to keep in mind. Ultimately, it will depend on what you want accomplish with your purchase. If you’re looking for a bag that will be a closet staple and gives you maximum cost per wear (AKA get your money’s worth) then go for a classic style that compliments your wardrobe. You don’t want to have to plan outfits around your accessory. You want your accessory to easily blend into your current wardrobe. That way you’ll get the most use out of your accessory.

If you’re goal is to purchase a stand-out item, still go for a secondhand designer accessory that fits your lifestyle. However, push the envelope by purchasing a bold color, embellishments and/or hardware.

Feel free to reach out to info@daaconsignment.com or through one of our social media channels for suggestions. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site we offer luxury concierge services to help locate your next dream accessory.

Retail vs Secondhand, what is the difference?

Retail is when a product is first introduced to the market. That item is available through retailers or directly from the fashion house.

Second hand/Preowned is when an item has been previously owned, new or otherwise, and is re-introduced back to the consumer market as such.

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Designer Accessory Adoption is not affiliated with any designers we sell. However, we do guarantee authenticity and is a registered trademark of respective designer.

I can’t figure out what to send. What options do I have?

You can take a look at our website to get ideas or you can contact us and we can help you decide! Remember all items must be submitted through our online submission form detailed below. Also, we offer closet clean out services. Please contact us for more information.

How are your items priced?

30-70% off retail. Pricing based on designer, condition and demand.

What’s your  consignor split?

Consignor profit

$1000 and up 60%

$999 and below 50%


How will I get paid?

All payments will be sent out on the 15th of every month for all sales completed by the 15th of the previous month. To receive your payments faster we ask that you sign up with Venmo to receive payments. Paper checks can be sent, but only by request. Please contact us between the 1st and 7th to receive a payment for the previous month.


Will my items be discounted?

Yes, after 3 months Items will be discounted in 5% increments each month until the 6th month has been reached. Consignment periods are for 7 months. Once your consignment period has expired we will contact the consignor to coordinate shipment back to the consignor’s designated location.



How do you categorize your items and what do they mean?

New: No signs of wear, tags still attached and/or still in original packaging    

Pristine: Gently used and almost like new                                                        

Good: Slight signs of wear, minor scratches and/or minor creases                   

Fair: Obvious signs of wear, scratches and/or creases                                    


How do I send my items?

Scheduled Pick-up Service:

We offer a scheduled pick-up service Friday 5pm-9pm, Saturday-11 am-7pm, or Sunday 1pm-5pm. Pick-up service is scheduled once your item has been accepted.

At this time we only offer pick-up services for the following Georgia counties Clayton, Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb, Forsyth, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Fayette, Henry, Cherokee.

If you choose to ship your item or it is located outside of our pick-up zone a pre-paid shipping will be sent to you once we accept your item(s). This information will be collected once your item(s) have been accepted by our team.


What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

Consignor periods last 8 months. After this time if your item doesn’t sell we’ll send it back to you free of cost.


What’s your return policy?

Please check out our customer service page for more details.


What items can I send (style must be within the last 3 years with exceptions to some vintage styles)?




Cuff links

Men’s neckwear (good to brand-new condition and must be dry-cleaned)


Shoes (good to brand-new condition)




Scarfs (good to brand-new condition and must be laundered)


What brands do you accept?

At this time all brands are welcome. Here are a few to get you some ideas.



Tory Burch

Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton


And many more!


Interested in consigning?

Please email us at info@daaconsignment.com and schedule an e-Consultation

Fill out the questionnaire and submit your photos using the instructions listed here